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Set up a multi-user license

The following describes how to make a multi-user license available on your network. Im Folgenden wird beschrieben, wie Sie eine Mehrplatzlizenz in Ihrem Netzwerk verfügbar machen.

The procedure at a glance

A multi-user license enables concurrent use of infra CONVERT 2019 on a specific number of workstations (clients) simultaneously. The clients obtain their temporary license over the network from the ELIAS License Service, which manages the multi-user, single-user licenses. The PC (ideally a server) on which the license service is installed should therefore be constantly accessible.


Install the ELIAS License Service on the server. The installation file can be downloaded from the download area on our main pages.


Install infra CONVERT 2019 on any client PC and enter the path to the license server in the software. The installation file can be downloaded from the download area on our main pages.

Note There are no differences between different functionalities during the installation. Even if an installation is used as a demo version, all functions can be unlocked for them with the appropriate license.


You send the individual registration key generated for this installation together with your contact data by e-mail (A) to your CAQ/MES system provider respectively the service of ELIAS GmbH.


The license file, which you also receive by e-mail, is loaded on the client PC in infra CONVERT 2019. The license is now automatically forwarded to the license server.


In every subsequent installation of infra CONVERT 2019, only the path to the license server needs to be specified.


Step Action Result
1 Install license service 1) Install the license service “ELIAS GmbH License Service” on the server. The installation file can be downloaded from the download area on our main pages.

Note The task of the license server can be taken over by any PC in the network, including a client. However, due to the requirement for continuous availability, it is recommended not to use a workstation PC.
1) The license service is installed.
2) Make sure the license service is allowed to use the incoming port. Bottom of this page is described by way of example how to unlock port for the license service. The license service can be reached from outside.
2 Install infra CONVERT 2019 Install infra CONVERT 2019 on any client PC as described in Installation> Installation. infra CONVERT 2019 ist installed.
3 Specify path to the license server 1) Start infra CONVERT 2019. 1) The License Information dialog box opens:
2) Click on the Start demo mode button. 2) The start window opens.
3) In the menu bar, go to Edit > Settings. 3) The Settings menu opens.
4) On the General tab, in the License server group, enter the host of the license server, e.g. in the form of the name or the IP address; only change the port “6781”, if you are sure:
4) Host and port are correct.
5) Click OK and restart infra CONVERT 2019. 5)infra CONVERT 2019 has been restarted.
4 Open the License Information dialog If no valid license exists, the License information dialog box opens automatically after starting infra CONVERT 2019.

Alternative In the menu bar, go to Help and click Show license.
The License Information dialog box is open:
5 Request a license 1) Click the Request license via email button to generate an e-mail message.

Important Enter the license type “Multi-user license” in the mail.

Alternative Create an e-mail message containing the displayed registration key and your contact details (name, company, address, telephone, e-mail address).
1) In the e-mail program, which is set on the PC as a standard program / standard app, a ready-made message is opened. It contains the registration key and a list where you can enter your contact information.
2) Send the e-mail to your CAQ/MES system provider if you are purchasing infra CONVERT 2019 via this one or to if you have purchased infra CONVERT 2019 directly from us. 2) You will receive the license file within one working day.
6 Download license 1) In the License Information dialog box, click the Load License button . 1) The file explorer opens.
2) Select the license file (* .lic) and click Open.

Note We recommend backing up the license file.
2) The License Information dialog box indicates that the license is valid:

You can load a different license file at any time via the Load license button .
7 Install infra CONVERT 2019 on clients From now on, install infra CONVERT 2019 on the client PCs as described in steps 2 and 3.

System requirements license service

Operating system
at least

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP 1),
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Web connection
Internet access

Not required

Unlock port for the license service

In the following example is discribed how to unlock the port on the license server for the license service installed on this server. Described is the standard case for the operating system Windows 10 with “Windows Defender Firewall”.

Schritt Aktion Ergebnis
1 Open “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security” 1) Click Settings in start menu, afterwards click Update and Security > Windows Security. 1) “Windows Defender Security Center” opens.
2) Click under Firewall- & Netzwerkschutz on Advanced Settings. 2) The application “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security” opens.
2 Add new incoming rule 1) Click in the directory tree, displayed ont the left, on Incoming rules. 1) The middle pane displays a list of the incoming rules that have already been defined.
2) Click Action > New Rule… on the menu bar. 2) The “New Incoming Rule Wizard” opens. The necessary steps are displayed on the left. You are initially in the input mask for the “Rule type” step.
3) As a rule type, first select User-defined and click on Next. 3) The input mask for the “Program” step is displayed.
4) Select This Program Path, click Browse, and select the executable file of the License Service “Common.LicenseService.exe”, which is installed by default under C:\Program Files (x86)\ELIAS GmbH\LicenseService. Then click Next. 4) The input mask for the “Protocols and Ports” step is displayed.
5) Select the protocol type “TCP” from the list and then under “Local Port” select the entry Specific Ports. Underneath enter in the now unlocked field “6781”. Then click Next. 5) The input mask for the “Area” step is displayed.
6) In the input screens of the “Area”, “Action” and “Profile” steps, you can change the default values if required. Click Next to continue through these steps until you are at the “Name” step. 6) The input mask for the “Name” step is displayed.
7) Set any name for the rule. E.g. “ELIAS GmbH License Service” and click on Finish. 7) The new rule is created, it is displayed in the list of incoming rules.

Error handling

Can not connect to the license server

Error description

The message “License server was not found” appears in the “License Information” dialog box in infra CONVERT 2019.


  • Make sure the license server information (host and port) is correct.
  • Make sure that you have an active network connection to the license server.
  • Make sure that no firewall prevents communication with the license server. If necessary, configure the firewall on the server so that the “LicenseServer.exe” can use any input ports.
  • Uninstall infra CONVERT 2019 and then reinstall it.

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