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-The quality ​test plan export format **JSONV1** ​ensures maximum compatibility with connected software packagesIt is JSON file (click [[http://​​json-de.html|here]] ​for a descriptionwhich contains all the information relevant to an inspection ​plan. JSON files can be read by all common programming languages. The suffix //V1// identifies the file structure as version 1. This file structure is described in this chapter.+The test plan export format **JSONV1** ​contains significantly more information than the CSV and DFD formatsThe data format ​is "JSON" ​(a description can be found [[http://​​json-de.html||here]]])the suffix "​V1"​ indicates version 1 of the contained test plan data structure. JSON can be read with all common programming languages.
-If implemented,​ your software ​can also import data from a later version. A later version can include additional information,​ for example. +The JSONV1 export ​can be initiated either ​from the user interface ​(see "User manual > Functions > Export > [[en:​infra-convert:​user:​functions:​cplanexport|Export Test Plan]]"​or via the start parameter file (see "Configuration and Import > Start Parameter File > [[en:​infra-convert:​dev:​parameter#​Export quality test plans and stamped drawings]]).
- +
-> **Info** We recommend that you use the JSONV1 format rather than the DFD format to connect to your software package. It includes more transferable information and supports all characteristics of #​@IC_HTML@#​. It also provides the advantage of later versions of the JSONV1 format ​(after implementationwill also be compatible with your software.\\ \\ You can trigger the export in the start parameter filesee Configuration and Import > Startup ​Parameter File > [[en:​infra-convert:​dev:​parameter#​Export quality test plans and stamped drawings]].+
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