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mdm TOOL | At a Glance

mdm TOOL is a software for measurement data management. Record measurement data quickly, securely and with traceability from any measuring device and transfer the data to any software on your end device.

Our mdm TOOL purely software-based solution allows users to channel any number of measuring devices on a single end device (e.g. tablet PC, desktop PC, smartphone), regardless of what type of connection the measuring device has (wired or wireless).

The digital measurement value and data, such as measurement device or transmitter ID or battery status, are received and processed at the device interface. The individually formatted measurement data, e.g. measurement value + time stamp + ID + self-assigned name for the measuring device, are then transmitted to the respective application. Such an application may be a CAQ system, MS Excel or the like.

It is also possible to use the mdm TOOL to retrieve measurement data from any number of measurement sensors, e.g. measuring indicators, via trigger pulse.

An intuitively comprehensible user interface designed to handle the task in hand keeps training to a minimum.

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