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infra CONVERT | At a Glance

The leading software for drawing-based test planning.

infra CONVERT takes over a large part of the work for you in drawing-based test planning.

Create automated, and thus fast and secure, test plans from technical drawings, for example for initial sampling or statistical process control.

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These partners from the CAQ, MES, SPC and PLM sectors rely on infra CONVERT as their test planning solution.

Load drawing

Load drawings in all common interchange formats and assemble them into multi-page, versioned projects.


The CAD exchange formats DXF, DWG and IGES are the most suitable for automated stamping. You can load single and multi-page DXF and DWG files (model space and paper space).


You can load single-page and multi-page PDF files and stamp character-coded text automatically.


Let infra CONVERT automatically create test characteristics from drawing entries and link them to stamps in the drawing. Use stored tolerance tables, additional functions such as stamping with default, defining the field division and hiding already stamped drawing entries. Numerous customization options for characteristic interpretation are available.

Prepare test plan

Structure the test plan according to the requirements of the test process. For example, use characteristic tags, stamp shapes and colors, numbering, sorting, and filtering functions.

In addition to stamps, add other information as annotations directly on the drawing sheet.

Share templates

Whether in an individual company or for cross-location use in a group: Store templates centrally so that you can work on a common database everywhere.

Export test plan

Transfer test plan data to your CAQ/MES system (CSV, DFD/DFQ, JSON) or as a direct export to an Excel test report.

Version test plan

Create a new version of the test plan in just a few steps when a drawing is changed. View the drawing states in direct comparison and let infra CONVERT automatically retrieve and transfer the characteristics. You can also automatically compare drawing views that have been moved. Link characteristics for changed or moved drawing entries with one click. Track characteristic changes in the comparison list.

The advantages at a glance


Over 20 years of experience in the market

Integration into numerous CAQ/MES systems


Use on any number of computers in a shared network, even across locations. Simultaneous work on as many workstations as license places have been purchased ⓘ¹


Drawing file (formats): DXF, DWG | IGES ⓘ² | PDF | PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF

Show and hide drawing layers


Automatically regognize test characteristics ⓘ³, tag them with a stamp and arrange them into a test plan

Support of ISO GPS (ISO 8015) and parts of ASME Y14.5

Obtain general tolerances from stored tolerance tables

Hide stamped drawing elements to quickly find drawing entries that are still unstamped


Test plan/test report (formats): XLSX, XLSM, XLS ⓘ⁴ | CSV | DFD/DFQ ⓘ⁵ | JSON ⓘ⁶

Drawing/stamp views (formats): PDF | SVG | PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF ⓘ⁷

Test plan versioning

Any number of test plans in a project using graphical drawing comparison versionieren

Transfer characteristics to the new test plan version by automatic or visual comparison of source and target drawing sheet

Highlight changes between two versions of a drawing sheet in color (red-green comparison)


More functions

Filter characteristics by properties to create specific test plans

Insert annotations with text, image and different frame shapes into the drawing


Customize characteristic detection and characteristic description according to individual needs

Customize stamp shape, color and size for different categories

Define own tag to assign test specifications to characteristics, such as procedure and intensity

Create project templates to provide preconfigured projects, including for various test planning scenarios

Deploy configurations and templates centrally for the entire enterprise


German | English ⓘ⁸
French | Italian | Spanish | Chinese | Czech | Bulgarian

Compatibility with infra - CONVERT

infra CONVERT is fully compatible with the projects created with the previous product infra - CONVERT. Do not hesitate to switch now. Benefit from the advantages:

 No limitation to one drawing sheet
 Simple, traceable test plan versioning
 Better characteristic recognition
 Stamp PDF drawings automatically
 Load current DXF/DWG format
 Precise representation
 Intuitive operation
 Easy Excel export to your test reports
 Continuous further development
 Software-based licensing

  1. A detailed description of the license terms can be found in the price list, available on the website under Service > Downloads > Documents.
  2. To load IGES files (*.iges, *.igs, *.ig2) the additional module 'IGES' is required.
  3. The suitability for automatic stamping depends on the drawing data formatand its structure. Non-text character coded content, for example in raster graphics such as PNG, can be created using the quick input dialog.
  4. Excel test report templates are supplied for various release procedures and sample sizes. Your own templates can be created quickly and easily.
  5. Q-DAS A​S​C​I​I transfer format (*.dfd, *.dfq)
  6. The JSON format is intended for data transfer to CAQ and MES systems.
  7. Stamped drawing sheets as well as stamp views can be exported as raster graphics.
  8. The documentation is available in English and German.

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