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infra CONVERT | At a Glance

The leading software for drawing-based test planning.

infra CONVERT takes over a large part of the work for you in drawing-based test planning.

Create automated, and thus fast and secure, test plans from technical drawings, for example for initial sampling or statistical process control.

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Load drawing

Load drawings in all common interchange formats and assemble them into multi-page, versioned projects.


The CAD exchange formats DXF, DWG and IGES 1 – To load IGES files (*.iges, *.igs, *.ig2) the additional module 'IGES' is required.¹ are the most suitable for automated stamping. 2 – The suitability for automatic stamping depends on the drawing data format and its structure.² You can load single and multi-page DXF and DWG files (model space and paper space).


You can load single-page and multi-page PDF files and stamp character-coded text automatically.


Let infra CONVERT automatically create test characteristics from drawing entries and link them to stamps in the drawing. Use stored tolerance tables, additional functions such as stamping with default, defining the field division and hiding already stamped drawing entries. Numerous customization options for characteristic interpretation are available.

Prepare test plan

Structure the test plan according to the requirements of the test process. For example, use characteristic tags, stamp shapes and colors, numbering, sorting, and filtering functions.

In addition to stamps, add other information as annotations directly on the drawing sheet. 3 – The annotation function will be available soon.³

Share templates

Whether in an individual company or for cross-location use in a group: Store templates centrally so that you can work on a common database everywhere.

Export test plan

Transfer test plan data to your CAQ/MES system (CSV, DFD/DFQ 4 – Q-DAS ASCII transfer format (*.dfd, *.dfq)⁴, JSON) or as a direct export to an Excel test report.

Version test plan

Create a new version of the test plan in just a few steps when a drawing is changed. View the drawing states in direct comparison and let infra CONVERT automatically retrieve and transfer the characteristics. You can also automatically compare drawing views that have been moved. Link characteristics for changed or moved drawing entries with one click. Track characteristic changes in the comparison list.

More advantages


infra CONVERT can be used in the following languages 5 – The documentation is available in English and German.⁵:

•  German
•  English
•  French
•  Italian
•  Spanish
•  Chinese

Compatibility with infra - CONVERT

infra CONVERT is fully compatible with the projects created with the previous product infra - CONVERT. Do not hesitate to switch now. Benefit from the advantages:

• No limitation to one drawing sheet Any number of drawing sheets can be loaded into a project.
• Simple, traceable test plan versioning Test plans can be versioned conveniently, across sheets and traceably in the project.
• Better characteristic recognition Automatic characteristic recognition and description is now even more accurate and reliable.
• Stamp PDF drawings automatically Coded text in PDF drawings can be stamped automatically.
• Load current DXF/DWG format Current DWG and DXF drawing file versions are supported.
• Precise representation Drawing content is displayed hardware-accelerated and in better quality.
• Intuitive operation Intuitive user guidance and modern software technologies speed up work.
• Easy Excel export to your test reports Export to Microsoft Excel no longer requires an add-in. Test report templates are even easier to design yourself.
• Continuous further development New functions are constantly being added, existing functions improved and adapted to current standards.
• Software-based licensing Licensing is done without a hardware dongle.


1 – To load IGES files (*.iges, *.igs, *.ig2) the additional module 'IGES' is required.
2 – The suitability for automatic stamping depends on the drawing data format and its structure.
3 – Q-DAS ASCII transfer format (*.dfd, *.dfq)
4 – The annotation function will be available soon.
5 – The documentation is available in German and English.

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