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blue DAT infra DAT | At a Glance ⚠ Products are discontinued 

blue DAT and infra DAT are hardware-bound products for wireless measurement data transmission. Use your digital measurement devices to transfer measurement data without error and with full traceability at the touch of a button to any end device, e.g. Desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, PLCs.

The blue DAT and infra DAT systems each consist of a wireless sender and a receiver. The wireless sender is connected to the data interface of the measuring device, the receiver to the end device. The main difference between the two systems is the wireless technology used. Different properties result from such a difference.

blue DAT

infra DAT

Wireless sender

Wireless technology

Bluetooth® Smart

Short Range Device

Transmission frequency range

2.4 GHz
in the ISM band

including 433/434 MHz with 68 channels
in the ISM band

Transmission range
dependent on environmental conditions

10 m

100 m

Battery life
based on the number of transmissions, approx.


12,000 – 15,000

Wireless sender dimensions
Length × width × height

52 mm × 26 mm × 16 mm

52 mm × 26 mm × 16 mm


Receiver connection


USB and RS232

Receiver dimensions
Length × width × height

18 mm × 14 mm × 7 mm

120 mm × 58 mm × 25 mm

Each measuring device manufacturer uses their own data interface. This is why we provide you with a wireless sender specific to the manufacturer of the measuring device, i.e. ready-for-use with the corresponding connection adapter. We offer compatibility with all major manufacturers of measuring devices; find out more information in our price list.

Use any number of measuring devices at one measuring station and arrange any number of measuring stations next to each other. Use our measurement data management software mdm TOOL, which you will also obtain together with the receiver.

Our products support you in numerous fields of application for various tasks.

Test station in the measuring chamber

Test tasks within the production lines

Incoming goods inspection

SPC – Statistical Process Control

Product-specific multiple-point measuring devices

Measurement of bulky and large components outside measuring chambers

Traceability of measuring systems and measurement values, e.g. in the pharmaceutical sector

ISTR with external suppliers

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