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Administrator's Manual infra CONVERT > Installation


This page describes more detailed topics on installation. The main description can be found in the user manual.
See User Manual > Installation

The installation packages

There are two installation packages available for infra CONVERT: The regular installation package and the Windows installer package. Both can be downloaded separately in the download area.
See Homepage > Service > Downloads > Software > infra CONVERT

The following components are included or installed:

Regular installation package Windows Installer Package
infra CONVERT Yes Yes
Microsoft .NET Framework Yes No
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Yes No
Lizenzservice Yes No

The Microsoft framework and the Microsoft redistributable are mandatory for the operation of infra CONVERT on the respective system. The licence service is not required for server licensing on the client system itself.
See User Manual > Installation > System requirements
See User Manual > Installation > Set up a server license
See Homepage > Service > Downloads > Software > infra CONVERT > infra CONVERT Lizense service

Installation parameters

With the parameter quiet the installation can be executed silently with the regular Setup.exe.

infra_CONVERT-Setup.exe /quiet

Analogous to the installation, this is also applicable to the uninstallation (uninstall).

infra_CONVERT-Setup.exe /quiet /uninstall

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