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Administrator's manual tips

We will briefly demonstrate how to efficiently use the administrator's manual in this chapter.


 • DokuWiki
 • Navigation bar
 • The sheet
 • More functions


The Wiki is created and deployed using the free DokuWiki wiki software. DokuWiki presents and provides content, such as text and image material, on websites. The pages can be retrieved and edited anywhere using all conventional web browsers depending on the access rights in place.

Wikis facilitate knowledge management that is independent of databases. They are already in use with many companies for this particular purpose. As can be seen with the successful project that is Wikipedia, the set-up and functionality of Wikis is perfect for storing a great deal of information in a clear manner.

The navigation bar is always to the left of the sheet. Links allow you to navigate across the top two structuring levels of the Wiki.

Link to the wiki start page This will take you to the top level of the Wiki, the homepage.

Directory tree The directory tree corresponds to the table of contents on the homepage. You can switch to the product information pages and manuals arranged according to the product groups.

Links to the homepage, webshop and legal info The buttons direct you to our company's homepage and the legal info .

Switch language You can switch between the German and English versions of the Wiki using these buttons.

The sheet

The content is displayed on the sheet. A sheet corresponds to a chapter and is further divided into several sections.

Classification The specified path indicates the position of the chapter in the superordinate content structure.

Chapter title Name of the chapter.

Table of contents Specifies the section titles. Click on the link to go directly to the section.

Section title Name of the section.

Go to previous/next page Go back to the previous or head to the next chapter in the Wiki structure.

More functions

The following additional functions of the Wiki are used as navigational aids.

Search You can search through all of the Wiki content using keywords. Make your entry and then click on the Search button.

To the top Click on the To the top button to go back to the beginning of a sheet.

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