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Export stamp views

With this function, you can export views of the stamped drawing entries (short: “Stamp views”) with or without stamp as individual graphic files from infra CONVERT in the formats

  • PNG,
  • JPG,
  • TIF,
  • BMP or
  • GIF.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Check export settings Make sure that the export format for stamp views is set correctly. Open the “Settings” menu via Edit (menu bar) > Settings > Export. In the group “Stamp graphics” you can check the settings and change them if necessary.

See also Settings > Preferences > “Stamp graphic format” group group
The settings are as desired.
2 Choose the test plan version In the “Project overview” window, right-click on the test plan version whose stamp views you want to export as graphics. In the context menu, select Export to multiple files > Stamp graphics.

Note Up to program version the context menu entry was Export as.
The “Browse Folder” dialog box opens.
3 Export stamp views Select the location in the directory tree and click OK. The stamp views have been exported.


The function can be influenced via the following settings:

Export settings for stamp views

Change the settings for exporting stamp views in graphic format.
See Settings > Settings > Export > “Stamp graphic format” group

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