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Manual mdm TOOL > Installation

Workflow for the Installation

This page describes how to install mdm TOOL software.

System requirements

To install the mdm TOOL your PC's operating system needs to be Windows 7 or later, and have the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed.


Double click the MDM-Setup.exe you received with the installation package or downloaded from our website.

The following installer dialogue window opens:

Read the licence agreement,before proceeding with the installation.
Click the Install to start the installation process:

Two device drivers are installed on your PC during the installation process. Click Install each time to proceed with the installation. Ticked the boxes ringed in red to continue.

Tip The drivers are vital for the functionality of the Measuring Data Manager; otherwise the software will not work.

The installation process will tell you when everything has been successfully installed: confirm by clicking Finish.

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