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Manual infra DAT



The infra DAT systems transmitters can be connected to any of the usual digital measuring devices. As different measuring device manufacturers use different connectors, each transmitter is shipped with the appropriate connector for your device(s).

Using high performance radio technology, the tried and tested infra DAT system has an impressive transmission range in the industrial environment. The infra DAT transmitters come as two variants (Type A and Type C), based on different battery capacities.

    Type A          Type C

Since every transmitter has a unique ID number, measuring equipment can easily be monitored and the transmitted data tracked. LEDs on the transmitter tell the user when data is transmitted.

It is possible to connect any number of digital measuring devices to a measurement station. A total of 68 available frequency channels means that up to 68 measuring sites can be independently serviced without any mutual interference. The Measuring Data Management software mdm - TOOL provides quick and easy organization of measuring device to measuring site.

Depending on application and local conditions data can be radio transmitted up to a range of 100 metres.

To transmit data to a PC you need a infra DAT receiver and our Measurement Data Manager software shipped with the receiver. You can also download this software from the following link on our website:

Read the contents of this very carefully. Failure to follow its instructions may invalidate guarantees!

Intended use

Die bestimmungsgemäße Verwendung erfordert das Beachten aller veröffentlichten Informationen zu diesem Produkt. Eine andere oder darüber hinausgehende Benutzung gilt als nicht bestimmungsgemäß. Für hieraus entstehende Schäden haftet der Hersteller nicht. Beachten Sie die für den Einsatzbereich geltenden gesetzlichen und anderweitigen Vorschriften und Richtlinien.

Installing the batteries

Type A To insert the batteries, open the battery compartment. Insert the batteries making sure polarity is correctly aligned. Replace the battery compartment lid.

Type C To insert the batteries, unscrew and remove lid. Insert the batteries making sure polarity is correctly aligned. Replace the lid and tighten the retaining screws.

Technical data

Type A Type C
Radio transmitter frequencies 433.05 MHz … 434.79 MHz 433.05 MHz … 434.79 MHz
Frequency channels 68 68
Transmitter batteries 1 x CR 1/3 N (3 V) 1 x CR 123 A (3 V)
Operational temperature range +10 °C … +35 °C +10 °C … +35 °C
Relative humidity
30 % … 90 % 30 % … 90 %
Appliance class IP40 IP40
Transmission range
(depending on local conditions)
bis 100 m bis 100 m
(L x W x H)
52 mm x 26 mm x 16 mm 62 mm x 42 mm x 22 mm
Type RCS-433-A RCS-433-C
Order number ID001….. ID002….., ID006…..

Declaration of Conformity:
This product complies with Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) and 2011/65/EU, 2015/863/EU (RoHS). The relevant Declaration of Conformity can be requested at

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