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 • Requirements
 • Download
 • Setup
 • First start of Excel
 • Directories
 • Update


The following requirements must be fulfilled to use the Excel Add-In:

  • License: The software infra-CONVERT has to be installed with a valid license. This license must allow a direct start of infra-CONVERT.1)
  • .NET: The .Net framework has to be installed in version 4.
  • Windows: Windows 7 or newer as the operation system.
  • Microsoft Excel: The software Excel of Microsoft has to be installed as Excel 2007 (version 12) or newer.2)


Start the installation by opening the installer ExcelReportAddIn.exe.
The setup window appears. Within this window you can select different functions by clicking the left mouse button:



  1. Open our homepage
    Your web browser opens our homepage
  2. Show the license
    The user license of our Excel-Add-Ins will show up.
  3. Open the handbook
    Your web browser opens this wiki.
  4. Start the install
    - The install process starts.
    - Depending on your OS the User Account Control may show up.
    - Please confirm it by clicking Yes.
    - After the install is complete the note will show Complete.
  5. End program
    Exits the setup program.

First start of Excel

After you installed the Add-In you have to confirm the install at the first start of Excel.


The Excel Report Add-In will be installed into the following Directories3):

Content Path
Program / Add-In %ProgramData%\ELIAS GmbH\ELIASExcelReport-AddIn
Configuration / Templates %ProgramData%\ELIAS GmbH\ELIASExcelReport

The current version of the Add-In will install the following templates:

  • First inspection plan of VDA, status 2012, german and english
  • First inspection plan of VDA, status 2013, german and english
  • First inspection plan of VDA, status 2015, german


We have programmed the setup program of the Excel Add-In so that none of your data will be lost after installation. In order to see all the above templates in Excel, the installation must be performed on a system that does not have the add-in. If your system already has the add-in and you want to install the new templates, please uninstall the existing add-in first and delete the above directories. Please save any existing templates first! You can then reinstall them in the Add-In with the help of these instructions.

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Excel Report Add-in > Overview

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infra-CONVERT has to be a full version, if you start it via it's icon!
It's not possible to use an other office package than Microsoft Office!
These paths can not be changed!
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