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After the Excel Report Add-In was installed you have a new slider in Excel called “ELIAS Reports”. Activate this slider to use the Add-In:

These are the functions of the Add-In:

  1. Load inspection plan: Load an ICP file. Load the contents of the infra-CONVERT project file into the template (see below).
  2. Add inspection plan: Load an additional ICP file in this inspection plan. The features will be added to the current features.
  3. Save inspection plan: Saves the current document as an Excel file. This file can be edited with another computer which has Excel installed. You don't need infra-CONVERT there!
  4. infra-CONVERT: Opens a drawing or project file in infra-CONVERT to create or edit an inspection plan. The data will then appear in the template which is selected.
  5. Template: Choose a template in which the data of the project file or infra-CONVERT will be loaded into.
  6. Backup file: If you start infra-CONVERT out of this Add-In, this option allows you to specify a backup directory where the project file will be saved. Specify the path with the three dots behind the option text.
  7. Help: Opens this wiki in your web browser.
  8. Language: Choose the language of the Add-In.

Gathering measurement data

After you created the inspection plan, it's possible to collect the measurement data inside of Excel, without the Report Add-In or infra-CONVERT.

The Data Sheet contains all relevant data for the report. You don't have to type any informations into the following documents. The document evaluates the measurement data for you.

Attributive features should be evaluated with „i.O.“, „iO“, „ja“ or „1“. Any other value will result in a “not o.k.”.

Create backups of your created inspection plans (point 6). Because this option is often overlooked, we recommend using the function Load inspection plan after creating them with infra-CONVERT.

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