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Administrator’s Guide infra CONVERT > Configuration and Import

Parameter file "CharacteristicTags"

The →Labels (respectively tags) that are available in a project are defined in the parameter file CharacteristicTags.json. These definitions are loaded when a new →project is created and saved in the project file. This means that it is only in the project itself possible to later change the tags for a project.

During installation, the parameter file CharacteristicTags is saved at the following location:

%ProgramData%\ELIAS GmbH\infra-convert\JsonData\CharacteristicTags.json

If another parameter file is to be loaded when starting the program, this can be specified in the startup parameter file (see Configuration and Import > Startup parameter file > Parameter file for tags).

Tip For more comfortable working, you can use a text editor with extended functions, e.g. syntax and error highlighting, instead of the on-board Windows “editor”. Examples are the free programs Visual Studio Code from Microsoft and Notepad++.


 • ID
 • List position
 • Friendly Name
 • Color
 • Display text
 • Installation/Deinstallation


Unique, internal identifier for the tag.

To create a new tag, you can simply use any GUID generator.

"Id": "{24C41CA8-871C-456E-B082-22EC2A20216D}",
Parameter Type Value/Content
ID String GUID of the tag

List position

Position in the list fields to select a tag.

"Priority": 1,
Parameter Type Value/Content
Priority Integer List position; the higher the value, the higher the classification

Friendly Name

Unique, internal identifier for the tag in the form of a “user-friendly name”.

"FriendlyName": "TagOne",
Parameter Type Value/Content
FriendlyName String Unique identifier for the tag as corresponding name


The color of the tag is specified in the object Color.

"Color": {
  "Type": "RGB",
  "R": 0,
  "G": 255,
  "B": 0
Parameter Type Value/Content
Type String Color system
R Integer Value for the red color channel (0 … 255)
G Integer Value for the green color channel (0 … 255)
B Integer Value for the blue color channel (0 … 255)

Display text

Texts can be specified in this object, which are displayed in infra CONVERT depending on the user language set.

"LocalizedProperties": [
    "Name": "Kennzeichnung Eins",
    "LanguageCode": "de"
Parameter Type Value/Content
Name String Display name for the tag
Description String Description text
LanguageCode String Language abbreviation as per ISO 639-1


The following describes the process for deinstalling, reinstalling (installing after previous deinstallation) and installing (without previous deinstallation) infra CONVERT using the parameter file “CharacteristicTags.json”. Essential preconditions are: the file is at the location where it was installed, and has not been renamed.

See also Introduction > Overview (program version 2) > Installation/Uninstallation


The file is deleted.


An existing file is overwritten.


An existing file is overwritten.

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