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Administrator’s Guide infra CONVERT > Configuration and Import

Parameter file "CharacteristicTags"

The →Labels (respectively tags) that are available in a project are defined in the parameter file “CharacteristicTags.json”. These definitions are loaded when a new →project is created and saved in the project file. This means that it is only in the project itself possible to later change the tags for a project.

During installation, the parameter file “CharacteristicTags.json” is saved at the following location:

%ProgramData%\ELIAS GmbH\infra-convert\JsonData\CharacteristicTags.json

If another parameter file is to be loaded when starting the program, this can be specified in the startup parameter file (see Configuration and Import > Startup parameter file > Parameter file for tags).


 • Administrator tools
 • ID
 • List position
 • Friendly Name
 • Color
 • Display text
 • Installation/Deinstallation

Administrator tools

Export project settings

You can export the current project settings as project template files (“CharacteristicTags.json”, “SpecialCategories.json” and “StampTemplates.json”) from the infra CONVERT user interface. (Available from programme version 2.4.1.)
Siehe User Manual > Settings > Project Settings > Tags > Save/Export


Unique, internal identifier for the tag.

To create a new tag, you can simply use any GUID generator.

"Id": "24C41CA8-871C-456E-B082-22EC2A20216D"
Parameter Type Value/Content
ID String GUID of the tag

List position

Position in the list fields to select a tag.

"Priority": 1
Parameter Type Value/Content
Priority Integer List position; the higher the value, the higher the classification

Friendly Name

Unique, internal identifier for the tag in the form of a “user-friendly name”.

"FriendlyName": "TagOne"
Parameter Type Value/Content
FriendlyName String Unique identifier for the tag as corresponding name


The color of the tag is specified in the object Color.

"Color": null
"Color": "#FF1C5EE2"
"Color": {
  "Type": "RGB",
  "R": 0,
  "G": 255,
  "B": 0
Parameter Type Value/Content
Color String Set colour value:
null Do not overwrite stamping colour
#AARRGGBB Overwrite with hexadecimal coded colour
{…} Overwrite with (A)RGB-coded colour
└ Type String Color system:
RGB Red-Green-Blue
ARGB Alpha-Red-Green-Blue
└ A Integer Value for the alpha channel (0 … 255, wiht 0 = fully transparent)
└ R Integer Value for the red color channel (0 … 255)
└ G Integer Value for the green color channel (0 … 255)
└ B Integer Value for the blue color channel (0 … 255)

Display text

Texts can be specified in this object, which are displayed in infra CONVERT depending on the user language set.

"LocalizedProperties": [
    "Name": "Kennzeichnung Eins",
    "LanguageCode": "de"
Parameter Type Value/Content
Name String Display name for the tag
Description String Description text
LanguageCode String Language abbreviation as per ISO 639-1


The following describes the process for deinstalling, reinstalling (installing after previous deinstallation) and installing (without previous deinstallation) infra CONVERT using the parameter file “CharacteristicTags.json”. Essential preconditions are: the file is at the location where it was installed, and has not been renamed.

See also Introduction > Overview (program version 2) > Installation/Uninstallation


The file is deleted.


An existing file is overwritten.


An existing file is overwritten.

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