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infra CONVERT Administrator’s Manual > Configuration and Import

"UiAccess" Parameter file

Available from program version 1.1.5 and onwards

The “UiAccess.json” parameter file stipulates which control elements are visible, hidden or disabled in the user interface.

The “UiAccess” parameter file is saved at the following location during installation:

%ProgramData%/ELIAS GmbH/infra-convert/JsonData/UiAccess.json

If another parameter file is to be loaded when starting the program, this can be specified in the startup parameter file (see Configuration and Import > Parameter file for showing/hiding/locking control elements).


 • Administrator tools
 • Element name
 • Status

Administrator tools

Export file with default values

You can export a complete “UiAccess.json” with default settings from the infra CONVERT user interface in administrator mode.
See User Manual > Settings > Setup > Administration > “Export configuration files” group. (Available from program version 2.2.3)

Customise and export UiAccess parameters in the user interface

You can affect UiAccess parameters directly in administrator mode and save the result. To do this, start infra CONVERT in administrator mode and click Edit UIAccess (Admin) under Help in the menu bar. In the dialogue that opens, you can browse all available UiAccess parameters and change the status. Click OK or Apply to set the result for the current programme call. Click Save to save the result for all users. The UiAccess.json is written to the ProgramData directory for this purpose. (Available from program version 2.5.0)

Element name

Identifier of control element to be affected.

"AffectedElementName": "NewProject",
Parameter Type Value/Content
Affected​Element​Name String File (menu bar), toolbar and start page
NewProject File > New; New project
NewProjectFromDrawing File > New from drawing…; Create project from drawing (from program version 3.0.0)
NewProjectFromTemplate File > New from template; Create Project from template (from program version 3.2.0)
OpenProject File > Open; Open project
SaveProject File > Save; Save project
SaveProjectAs File > Save as
SaveProjectAsTemplate File > Save as template…
CloseProject File > Close project
CloseApplication File > Exit

StampTool ”Stamp tool”
TagTool ”Tag tool”
EditLayersTool Show/hide layers + Edit layers (from programme version 2.8.0)
GridTool ”Tool for defining division of field”
EditFiltersTool Filter characteristics + Edit characteristic filter (ab Programmversion 2.8.0)
HideStampedCharacteristicsTool “Hide stamped drawing elements”

Toolbar (Drawing comparison only)
TransferTool ”Transfer characteristics”

“Edit” (menu bar)
ProgramSettingGeneral ”Settings > General”
“Settings > Characteristics”
ProgramSettingStamp ”Settings > Stamp”
ProgramSettingImport ”Settings > Import”
ProgramSettingExport “Settings > Export“
ProjectSettingsTolerance ”Project settings > Tolerance tables”
ProjectSettingsTags ”Project settings > Tags“
ProjectSettingsCategories ”Project settings > Categories”
ProjectSettingsTemplates ”Project settings > Stamp templates”
LicenseDialog ”Help > Show License“
LicenseDialogAddLicense ”Help > Show License > Load license“
LicenseDialogLicenseServerSetting ”Help > Show License > License server
LicenseDialogRequestLicense “Help > Show License > Request license”

“Project overview” window
ProjectEdit ”Project > Edit project”
ProjectAddDocument ”Quality control plan > Add drawings sheet
”ProjectAddInspPlan ”Add quality control plan”
ProjectEditInspPlan ”Quality control plan > Edit quality control plan”
ProjectDeleteInspPlan ”Quality control plan > Delete quality control plan”
ProjectExportMenu ”Quality control plan > Export as” (used up to program version
ProjectExportJson ”Quality control plan > Export as Json Quality control plan”
ProjectExportAscii ”Quality control plan > Export as ASCII Quality control plan”
ProjectExportDocument ”Quality control plan > Export all Drawing graphics”
ProjectExportStamps ”Quality control plan > Export all Stamp graphics”
ProcejectExportStamps ”Quality control plan > Export as > Stamp graphics” (used up to and including program version
ProjectExportExcel ”Quality control plan > Export as Excel Quality control plan”
ProjectExportCsv ”Quality control plan > Export as CSV Quality control plan”
ProjectCloseDocument ”Quality control plan > Delete drawings sheet”
ProjectCloseDokument ”Quality control plan > Delete drawings sheet” (used up to and including program version
DocumentVersionOpen ”Quality control plan > Drawings sheet > Open drawings sheet version”
DocumentVersionRemove ”Quality control plan > Drawings sheet > Delete drawings sheet”
DocumentVersionExportPdf ”Quality control plan > Drawings sheet > Export as PDF”
DocumentVersionExportSvg ”Quality control plan > Drawings sheet > Export as SVG”
DocumentVersionExportDwgDxf “Quality control plan > Darwing sheet > Export as DWG/DXF”\\CompareDocument ”Quality control plan > Drawings sheet > Compare drawings sheet”

“Characteristics overview window” and “Drawings window”
CharacteristicContextMenu ”Context menu”
DocumentSplitCadBlock ”Context menu > Explode“
DeleteStampKey Delete stamp or characteristic with DEL key or via Context menu
CharacteristicListClickOrderTool Manually number
CharacteristicListNumberClockwiseTool Number clockwise
CharacteristicListNumberReadDirectionTool Number in reading direction
CharacteristicListNumberBySortnumberTool Renumber by list position
CharacteristicListEditStartnumber Start number
CharacteristicListSortTool Move in the list

“Characteristics overview” window
CharacteristicListToolBar ”Toolbar”
CharacteristicListFilterToolBar Filter characteristics (used from programme version 2.5.0)
CharacterListToolBar ”Toolbar” (used up to and including program version

“Characteristics properties” window
CharacteristicDetailsView ”Characeteristics properties window”
CharacteristicDetailsStampNumber Stamp number field (used from programme version 2.5.0)
CharacteristicDetailsStampPrefix Prefix field (also applied to the stamp-with-dialogue; used as of programme version 2.5.0)
CharacteristicDetailsStampPostfix Suffix field (also applied to the stamp-with-dialogue; used as of programme version 2.5.0)
CharaterDetailsView ”Characeteristics properties window” (used up to and including program version

UnsavedChangesDialog Dialog window “Unsaved changes”, which is displayed when closing a project or the program if there are still unsaved changes; in this way a saving can be prevented at this point.
DisplayLogFails Display logging status in the status bar (from program version 4.3.0)


Accessibility status of control elements.

Note 1 Settings dialogues can only be locked (“Disabled” status), even if the status “Hidden” or “Collapsed” is assigned to them.

Note 2 The dialog window “Unsaved changes” (parameter “UnsavedChangesDialog”) is completely suppressed with the parameters “Disabled”, “Hidden” and “Collapsed”.

"AccessStatus": "Disabled"
Parameter Type Value/Content
AccessStatus String Accessible Accessible and visible (default value)
Disabled locked
Hidden Invisible, but occupying space
Collapsed Invisible and not occupying space

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Configuration and Import > "StampTemplates” parameter file

Scroll forwards
Configuration and Import > Tolerance tables

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