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Inventor 2010

This manual describes how to export drawing files in DWG and DXF formats (→Drawing data format) from the Inventor 2010 CAD system. Exporting in IGES format is not supported by Inventor 2010. The recommended settings ensure that the drawing file can be read by infra CONVERT in the best possible way.


 • DXF export
 • DWG export

DXF export

Step Action/Result
1 Open “Save as” menu In the file administration (“I PRO”), click on Save copy as under Save as.

The file manager opens.
2 Open “Export options” menu Select DXF files (*.dxf) as a file type and click on Options….

The “Export options for DXF files” window opens.
3 Customize export options Select the following settings and click on Next.

The “Export directory” input mask opens. Select the following settings here and click on Finish.
4 Export drawing Select the target directory in the file manager and enter a file name of your choice. Then click on Save.

DWG export

The exact same process can be used for the DWG Export as is used for the DXF-Export.

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