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SolidWorks (from version 2017)

Described are export settings for the CAD system “SolidWorks” from version 2017. With the recommended settings you ensure that the drawing file can be read by infra CONVERT in the best possible way.

Generally, it should be noted that fonts must be installed on the respective PC when processing drawing files in an exchange format, such as DXF, DWG or PDF.
SeeDealing with missing fonts

If an export result is not satisfactory despite the configuration recommendations, we will be happy to support you directly.


 • DXF/DWG Export

DXF/DWG Export

Documentation of the manufacturer for DXF/DWG Export: Dassault Systems DXF/DWG export.

Empfohlene Konfigurationen:

General: DXF/DWG version DXF and DWG files can be loaded up to and including AutoCAD version 2023.

Export options Options (Menu bar) > System options > Export 
└ Custom mapping: No
└ Scale output 1:1 : No
└ Merge endpoints: No
└ Spline export options: Export all splines as splines
└ Drawing with several sheets: Export all sheets to seperate files

Version 2017:   Version 2021:
Layers Layer properties (Search for “Layer” in the search box) 
└ Thickness: 0.18mm *

* A line thickness that is set too large can lead to an undesired result during export.

Version 2021:

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