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Annotation templates

Available from
Program version 3.5.0

On the Annotations tab of the Settings menu you can manage templates for annotations. The settings set can be applied with OK or Apply, or discarded with Cancel.

The page in the settings menu is only visible if the annotation function is enabled:

Unlock annotation function
The annotation function is disabled by default because annotations can be used to visually modify the content of drawings. In administrator mode, the annotation function can be enabled under Edit (menu bar) > Settings > Administration > Annotations.
See Settings > Settings > Administration > “Annotations” group

Access function

The menu can be accessed as follows:

Menu bar

Click Edit and in the drop-down menu that opens, click Settings. The Settings menu window opens. Select the Annotations tab from the list on the left side of the window.

Create, edit or delete annotation templates

Function Description
New annotation template Insert a new text annotation (), image annotation (), or frame annotation (), each with default values or based on saved annotation templates.

Note All annotations can be converted into each other by changing their properties. Text, image and frame annotations are variants of starting points.
Delete annotation template Die aktuell ausgewählte Anmerkungsvorlage löschen.


Property Brief description Reference
Annotation name Name for the element, which facilitates identification, but does not have to be unique
Text Text content of the annotation, also multiline
Text color Annotation text color
Text size Font size¹
Text alignment Horizontal alignment of the text: Left-aligned (), Centered (), Right-aligned ()
Vertical text alignment Vertical alignment of the text: Align top (), Vertical centered (), Align bottom ()
Line spacing Spacing between text lines as a factor related to the font size
Font Font. Available are fonts installed on the computer
Outline color Color of the outline. An outline can be removed by clicking Do not use outline. () entfernt werden
Shape Select the shape of the frame or element: Circle/Ellipse, Triangle, Square/Rectangle, Pentagon, …
Outline thickness Width¹ of the frame line
Corner radius Radius¹ of the four corners of a rectangle
Distance of the text from the outline Distance¹ of the text content to the frame. Applied only when text is combined with an outline or a color or image fill
Filling color Fill color of the image or text annotation. A fill can be removed by clicking Do not use fill color ()
Image Add, change () or delete image ()

Note We recommend the PNG format (*.png)
Auto Automatically determine the size of the element depending on the content
Manual Manually specify the size of the element with width and height
Width Width¹ of the element
Lock aspect ratio Preserve the proportions of the element when resizing it () or make height and width independent ()
Height Element height¹
Inclination Rotation angle of the annotation in degrees
¹ in drawing units, i.e. usually millimeters or inches

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