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Available from
Program version 2.2.0

On the “Administration” tab of the “Settings” menu, administrative actions are available. The page is only displayed if infra CONVERT was started in administrator mode.


Run infra CONVERT in administrator mode by executing the program file or a shortcut to it with administrator rights.

The menu can be accessed as follows:


Click Edit and in the drop-down menu that opens, click Settings. The Settings menu window opens. Select the Administration tab from the list on the left side of the window.

“Export configuration files” group

Option Function Default setting
Export current settings Exports the current settings as “Settings.json” to the desired directory
Export default Settings.json Exports a complete “Settings.json” with default settings to a desired directory
Export default UiAccess.json Exports a “UiAccess.json” with default settings to a desired directory

“Reset settings” group

Option Function Deault setting
All system settings Resets all program settings to default (Overwrites the “settings.json” in the ProgramData directory)
Personal settings of each user Resets all user-specific settings (deletes the “settings.json” from the AppData directories of all users)

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