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Stamp templates

The properties of the characteristic categories can be edited on the Stamp templates tab of the Project settings menu. Click on

  • Apply, at the bottom of the window to save the changes without closing the window,
  • on OK, to save the changes and close the window or
  • on Cancel, to discard the changes.

The settings are saved with the project. The default values of the settings can be specified in the parameter file “StampTemplates”, see Administrator Manual infra CONVERT > Configuration and Import > Parameter file "StampTemplates". If necessary, contact your system administrator.

Note Your CAQ system provider or administrator may be able to prevent you from changing some settings under certain circumstances. Please contact them if an incorrectly set option interrupts your workflow.


The menu can be invoked as follows:

Menu bar

Click on Edit and then on Project settings in the drop-down menu that opens. The Project settings menu window opens. Select the Stamp templates tab in the list on the left side of the window.

Invoke, create or delete a stamp template

Select the stamp template by left-clicking on it in the list. The corresponding properties are displayed on the right.

Create and delete:


Property Description
Name Unique name.
Description Individual description.
Color Color of the stamp symbol.
Radius Size of the stamp in an absolute, CAD-internal unit.
Shape Geometry of the stamp symbol (VDA, circle, triangle, square, diamond, hexagon).
Connection line minimum distance Minimum distance of a stamp to a drawing specification, from which a connecting line is marked (in an absolute, CAD-internal unit).
Opacity Opacity of the entire stamp, with 100% being 0% transparent.
Fill stamp Filling of the stamp interior with the color white.

Default settings

Name Description Color Radius Shape Conne-
VDA stamp in red VDA stamp in red RGB: 255/0/0 2 Vda 1 100 %
Triangle Stamp in the shape of a triangle RGB: 0/0/255 2 Triangle 1 100 %
Hexagon Stamp in the shape of a hexagon RGB: 0/0/255 2 Hexagon 1 100 %
Circle Stamp in the shape of a circle RGB: 0/0/255 2 Circle 1 100 %
Square Stamp in the shape of a square RGB: 0/0/255 2 Rectangle 1 100 %
VDA stamp in blue VDA stamp in blue RGB: 0/0/255 2 Vda 1 100 %
Diamond Stamp in the shape of a diamond RGB: 0/0/255 2 Rhombus 1 100 %

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