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General stamp settings can be customized on the Stamp tab of the Settings menu. Applied settings can be confirmed with OK or Apply, or discarded with Cancel.


The menu can be invoked as follows:

Menu bar

Click on Edit and then on Settings in the drop-down menu that opens. The “Settings” menu window opens. Select the Stamp tab in the list on the left side of the window.

“Marking” group

Option Function Default setting
Start value Sets the default number which is to be initially assigned when stamping. 1
Increment Sets the increment of the characteristic numbers to be assigned. This value forms the difference between one stamp number and the next. 1
Set minimum Number of Digits Sets the minimum number of digits with which the stamp number is displayed in stamp texts. Missing digits are filled with zeros, example: If three digits are given, a “1” becomes a “001”.

Note Available from programme version 2.6.1.
Set minimum Number of Digits 3

“Number assignment during drawing comparison” group

Note Up to program version, the group is named “Marking of the stamps during drawing comparison”.

Option Function Default setting
After merging characteristics with changed properties they will
get a new number Specifies that the stamp number is adopted when merging a characteristic.
keep the same umber Specifies that a characteristic will be stamped with a new stamp number when merged.

“Transfer of manually inserted characteristics during drawing comparison” group

Note This setting is available from programme version As of programme version 2.8.0, Transfer automatically is the default value.
Option Function Default setting
Do not transfer automatically Specifies that manually inserted characteristics are not transferred automatically during drawing comparison.
Transfer automatically Specifies that manually inserted characteristics are transferred automatically during drawing comparison.

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