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Available in
program version 1.3 and onwards

In the “Import” tab of the “Settings” menu, you can adjust the general stamp settings. Click lower down the window on

  • Apply to save the changes without closing the window,
  • on OK, to save the changes and close the window or
  • on Cancel, to discard the changes.

The settings will be saved for all projects.

Note In some circumstances, your CAQ system provider or administrator may prohibit changes to certain settings. If an incorrect setting disrupts your workflow, please contact the provider or administrator.

Access function

The menu can be accessed as follows:

Menu bar

Click on Edit and Settings in the drop-down menu that opens. This will open the “Settings” menu window. Select the Import tab in the list on the left-hand side of the window.

“Common” group

Note Available from program version Up to program version 2.4.1 the group is called “Font replacement”.
Field Description Default setting
Do not show notifications Do not display any messages in the import dialogue.

Note Up to programme version 2.6.9, this setting suppressed the “Missing Fonts” dialogue.
Explode large groups of drawing elements automatically Automatically explode groups of drawing elements when importing DXF, DWG and IGES files. This makes stamping easier by reducing the need for manual exploding.

Note Available from program version 2.4.1 and only in the Pro version.

“DXF and DWG drawing files” group

Note Available from program version
Field Description Default setting
Behaviour when importing multi-page PDF files: Specify whether the import dialog is opened when importing drawing files in PDF format or whether all pages are to be imported directly. Always ask before importing

“PDF drawing files” group

Behaviour when importing DXF and DWG files: Specify whether to open the Import dialog when importing drawing files in DXF or DWG format, or to import sheets directly from specific areas. Always ask before importing
Import PDF as raster graphics Specify that a PDF is converted to a raster graphic when imported.
DPI Resolution or dot density of the raster graphics to be created in dpi. 150
Color depth Color mode and color depth of the raster graphics to be created. Color (24 Bit)

“infra - CONVERT project file (*.icp)“ group

Remove trailing zeros after the decimal place Concerns the numerical values of the Nominal dimension, Upper tolerance and Lower tolerance characteristic properties. Specify that zeros are removed after the decimal point and after the last non-zero digit. Example: 0.010 becomes 0.01

Note Available from program version 3.2.4
Note From program version 2, the following settings can only be made in administrator mode. Start infra CONVERT with administrative rights.
Field Description Default setting
ID for characteristic type (ICP) ID of the type of characteristic to be replaced (also described as “characteristic type”), as stipulated in infra - CONVERT. 0
Category Category to be assigned. ICP-ID 0: Common Characteristic
ICP-ID 2: Special Characteristic
Delete Delete the line in question, together with its assignments, by clicking on the interface.
Add Add a new line, together with its assignments, by clicking on the interface.
Tag for ID (characteristic): …
Tag 1
tag 2
Tags to be assigned.

Scroll backwards
Settings > Settings > Stamp

Scroll forwards
Settings > Settings > Export

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