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Copy and paste annotations

Available from
Program version 3.5.0
This function is only available in the Pro version.

This function allows you to copy annotations to the clipboard and paste them on the same or another sheet.

Unlock annotation function
The annotation function is disabled by default because annotations can be used to visually modify the content of drawings. In administrator mode, the annotation function can be enabled under Edit (menu bar) > Settings > Administration > Annotations.
See Settings > Settings > Administration > “Annotations” group


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Open drawing sheet Open the drawing sheet you want to annotate. The drawing sheet is displayed in the drawing window.
2 Activate annotation mode Click Annotation Tool () in the toolbar to activate the annotation mode. In annotation mode, editability is limited to annotations: the ´Characteristics overview and Characteristics properties windows are replaced by the Annotation overview the Annotation properties, only annotations in the drawing window can be selected and edited with the annotation tool cursor (), stamps are locked.
3 Copy annotation In the drawing window or annotation list, select the desired annotation and copy it using the STRG + C key combination. The annotation is in the clipboard.
4 Insert annotation Navigate to the desired drawing sheet and press STRG + V. The annotation is inserted in the center of the drawing window.


There are no setting options to directly influence this function.

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