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Reposition and align stamp

This function can be used to change the position and alignment of stamps on the drawing sheet. Position and orientation are defined by two points, the stamp position and stamp reference point respectively target point:

Both points can be moved. When moving the stamp position, the stamp aligns with the reference point.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Activate selection or stamp tool Click on the Selection tool () or Stamp tool button () in the Toolbar.

Note It may of course be the case that when you use the stamp tool, you may accidentally stamp a characteristic. We therefore recommend using the selection tool.
If you now move the mouse pointer into the drawing window, it will be displayed as either a standard mouse pointer () or stamp () depending on your selection.
2 Move stamp or stamp reference point You can now
2a) Move stamp
2b) Move stamp reference point
2a Move stamp 1) Move the mouse pointer over the stamp that you wish to move and left-click it and keep the button pressed. 1) The stamp is now paired with the mouse pointer.
2) Use the mouse pointer to bring the stamp to the desired position. If approved for the type of stamp, it will always automatically align itself to the characteristic. 2) The new stamp position and alignment dependent on the mouse pointer position are displayed dynamically when being moved. The old stamp position also remains visible during the moving process.
3) Release the stamp when in the desired position and in the desired alignment. 3) The stamp is now positioned and aligned:
2b Move stamp reference point While holding down the Shift key, click on the stamp whose reference point you want to move. You can now move the reference point while holding down the mouse button.
If you release the mouse button, the reference point is anchored at this position.


You can influence the function via the following settings:

Stamp templates

You can customise the spacing and position of the stamp, the minimum distance from which the connecting line is drawn, and other properties.
See Settings > Project settings > Stamp templates

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