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Deconstruct text block

This function allows you to break up groupings, also called “blocks”. This allows you to stamp elements contained within them as individual characteristics.

Detect blocks

You can recognize the elements belonging to a block if you activate the Stamp tool () and move the mouse pointer over the drawing entry. The block is highlighted.

Note Conversely, you can use the Stamp Group function to group ungrouped elements together when stamping.
See Functions > Characteristics > Automatic stamping (Grouped)


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Deconstruct block Right-click the drawing entry and select Explode from the context menu.

Note Deconstruction can be performed in any tool mode. However, the Stamp tool is suitable for immediately evaluating the result of the deconstruction.
The block is deconstructed.
[2] [Optional]
Continue deconstruction
Blocks can be nested arbitrarily. Each execution of the function deconstructs the top-level block. Repeat step 1 until the result is satisfactory or the elements cannot be deconstructed further.

Note There are cases where a block on the next level contains only one other block. If the top block is deconstructed, it looks as if nothing has been deconstructed. We recommend to execute the explode function several times to exclude this case.


There are no setting options for directly influencing this function.

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