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Assign stamp view

Stamp graphics are displayed as a default size, see section Customization. This detail can be altered for each characteristic individually.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Setting the view Alter the detail displayed in the drawing window for the characteristic so that it matches how the stamp graphic should appear. The drawing detail displayed will be the same as the stamp graphic.
2 Invoke function Right-click on the stamp or the characteristic overview entry and in the context menu that opens, click on Assign current view ().

Note You also have the option to assign the same view to multiple characteristics at once. Select the desired characteristics with CTRL + left-click or SHIFT + left-click and then open the context menu.
The individual stamp graphic is set for this characteristic; this is marked in the characteristic list with an indicator icon ().

Note The display of manually assigned stamp views in the characteristic list is available from program version 4.1.0.
[3] Resetting the view If you would like to reset a detail that has been defined manually to the standard size, click on Reset view in the context menu.

Note You can reset the view for multiple characteristics at once using the same method as described in step 2.
The stamp graphic will be displaced with the standard view.


This function can be influenced via the following settings:

Change standard size

Change the standard size of the detail displayed in stamp graphics.
See Settings > Settings > Export > “Stamp graphic format” group

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