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Define field division

With this function, you can define the →field division. The position of every characteristic on the drawing sheet will then be assigned a value. Executing this function again will overwrite the old definition.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Invoke function Click on the Define field division button () in the toolbar. The Define field division dialogue window will open at the bottom left of the drawing window:

Appearance until program version
2 Customize division If necessary, adjust the tags for columns and rows. Letters and numbers, even with multiple digits, are entered in the fields separated by a comma. The field divisions for the formats A0 to A4 can be selected by button (available from program version; according to ISO 5457:1999). The field division tags have been defined.
3 Define division frame Move the cursor to the upper left corner of the field division frame and left-click. Hold the mouse button and drag a frame to the lower right corner of the field division frame and release the button:
The field division frame has been defined:
4 Confirm entries In the “Define new field division” dialogue window, click on the Define button to confirm the entries. The field division has been defined. All existing and new test characteristics will now be allocated to the field key: see: User interface > Function window > Characteristic properties > Properties > Field. In the toolbar the define field division button gets a green checkmark (, available from program version 2.0.7).


There are no setting options for directly influencing this function.

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