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Edit layers

Available from
Program version 2.2.3

With this function you can edit the visibility of →layers.

Note This function is only available in the Pro version.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Schritt Aktion Ergebnis
1 Call function Click on the Edit layers button () in the toolbar, to the right of Show/Hide layers ( / ).

Note Up to programme version 2.7.13, there was only the Edit layers button. ().
The pop-up window “Edit Layers” opens.

Note Up to programme version 2.7.13, the dialogue was designed differently.
2 Customise properties For each layer, the property “Shown/Hidden” can switched by clicking on Shown () or Hidden ().

Note Up to programme version 2.7.13, the buttons were displayed as check boxes.
The changed status becomes effective immediately in the drawing window and can be assessed.
3 Accept properties 1) Close the window by clicking outside in the programme interface.

Note Up to programme version 2.7.13: To apply the changes, click OK.
1) If at least one layer is hidden, the Hide/Hide Layer button is shown with a blue dotted layer ().
If all layers are shown, all three layers of the symbol are greyed out ().
2) By clicking on the Show/Hide Layer button, you can switch between “Individual layers hidden” () and “All layers shown” (). 2) The active display status of the layers is saved with the project.


There are no setting options for directly influencing this function.

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