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Create new project

A new project can be created with this function.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Invoke function Click on File and then New project in the drop-down menu that opens.

Alternative procedures Click on the New project button () or press CTRL + N.

Note If an unsaved project is open, you will be prompted as to whether you wish to save it before continuing.
The “Project overview” window (see Project overview) is also displayed next to the drawing area:

Note 1 Only one project can be opened and edited at the same time

Note 2 The project is not saved yet.
2 Edit project title 1) Click the button next to the project title “New project”. 1) The dialog “Edit project” opens:
2) Specify a unique name in the Project title field under which you will be able to find the project later on.

Option The Description field can be used to help make identification of the project easier later on.

Recommendation Create at least one new project for each part / item number.
2) In the example, a project is created for the workpiece bearing housing with the item number “ET-29002675001-84” within the framework of a production process and product approval (PPF):
3 Confirm details Then click on Apply. Project title and description have been adopted and will be displayed accordingly.


There are no setting options for directly influencing this function.

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