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Project overview

The Project overview function window facilitates transparent management of test plans and drawing sheets. The Project overview can be used if a project is open. By default, it is docked in the top right corner of the working space after a project is opened.


The project title and – optionally – the project description are displayed at the top of the Project overview window:

Click on the button, to modify the project title and description.

The directory tree is displayed under the project title and description.

The directory tree

The Project overview depicts the project content, similar to a file manager, in a tree structure over two levels:

The test plans () are listed on the first level, the drawing sheets () are on the second level, each assigned to the test plans. The drawing plans can be hidden to grant a better overview by closing the test plan (click on the triangle or double-click on entry).

The tree is completed at the bottom by the  Create new test plan version button. If a list entry is activated or if the mouse pointer points to a list entry, function buttons are displayed to the right of it. Additional functions are displayed in a context menu if you right-click with the mouse on a list entry.

Double click on the corresponding list entry to open a →Drawing sheet.

Functions for the test plan

Function Brief description Reference
Add drawing sheet Load a drawing sheet, which is to be assigned to the respective test plan. Functions > Test plans > Import drawing
Delete test plan Delete the test plan. Functions > Test plans > Delete test plan
Edit test plan Edit the test plan title, version and description. Functions > Test plans > Edit test plan
Export as Export the test plan version in JSON, ASCII, Excel or CSV format, the stamped drawing sheets or views of the stamped drawing entries in JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or GIF format. Functions > Export > Export test plan

Functions > Export > Export drawing

Functions for the drawing sheet

Function Brief description Reference
Remove drawing sheet Remove the drawing sheet from the project. Functions > Test plans > Import drawing
Export as PDF Export the stamped drawing sheet as PDF file. Functions > Test plans > Export drawing as PDF
Compare drawing sheets Compare two versions of a drawing sheet. Functions > Test plans > Compare drawings
Export as PDF Export the drawing sheet in PDF format. Functions > Export > Export drawing
Export as SVG Export the drawing sheet in SVG format. Functions > Export > Export drawing

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