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Individual reference system

infra CONVERT provides the option of assigning characteristics data from reference systems that are not regulated by DIN EN ISO 1101 (“Geometrical tolerancing – tolerances of form, orientation, location and run-out”). An example of such a reference system is given below.

The essential geometrical elements (areas, planes and axes) are given identifiers (“Z1”, “Z2”, “Y1” etc.) This enables the reference geometries to be identified with greater certainty in the quality control process. The step measurement “75” is the distance between the front surface “Z1” and the section “Z3”. In the quality control plan this characteristic is shown as “length Z1–Z3”.

A description of how to ensure that the identifiers from a drawings file are read can be found at Customisation.


 • Workflow
 • Customisation


Step Action Result
1 Select characteristic Select the relevant characteristic. The characteristic ist selected. The properties of the characteristic are displayed in the window “characteristic properties”.
2 Assign references You have two options for assigning references:
a) Select reference indicator from list
b) Enter reference indicator manually
2a Select reference indicator from list 1) Click on the button next to the “B-System” field. 1) The dialog window “B-System” opens, in which all reference indicators found on the drawing sheet are listed:
2) Select the relevant related indicators in the correct order by simple left-clicks:

A preview of the result is displayed below the list. Then click OK.

Note You can also select only one reference indicator or more than two indicators.
2) The references are displayed in the field “B-System” and in the title:
2b Enter reference indicator manually Use the keyboard to enter the related identifiers, including separators, in the B-System field. You can work in the field as if it were a text field.

Note The list described in step 2a is a selection aid. You can also overwrite or supplement a selection made with the list later.
The references are displayed in the field “B-System” and in the title:
3 Save changes Save the changes.


Ensuring that identifiers are recognised

In order to be recognised by infra CONVERT, an identifier must be created in the drawings file as a symbol with a special name. By default, symbols that include the sequence of characters “refsys_indiv” at any point in their name will be directly recognised as identifiers. In the “PTC Creo” CAD system, a symbol of this kind is described as a “customised symbol”.

We are happy to incorporate a series of characters in the identifier, on condition that it is sufficiently unique not to be used by other users.

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