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From the drawing to the measuring program in ZEISS CALYPSO

Together with our partner AfM Technology GmbH, Aalen, we offer you a solution that allows you to automate the inspection planning and documentation process around ZEISS CALYPSO. Use the infra CONVERT and AfM CE Creator products to create a continuous data flow from the entry in the technical drawing to the inspection characteristic in ZEISS CALYPSO, which can also be used to process drawing changes quickly and reliably. 

Below is a brief overview of the process flows. Demonstrations can be found in video presentations, see Further information.

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The following graphic shows the main data flows assuming that Microsoft Excel is used for test report generation.


Based on the drawing sheets loaded in infra CONVERT the inspection characteristics are created.


The list with inspection characteristic definitions is exported as an inspection plan in QDAS ASCII transfer format (*.dfd) and as an Excel test report. The stamped drawing is exported as a PDF here in the example.


In AfM CE Creator, the inspection characteristic data is prepared in the form required by ZEISS CALYPSO.


The measurement program is created in ZEISS CALYPSO on the basis of the test characteristics. The test characteristics are linked to the measuring elements for this purpose.


After successful measurement in ZEISS CALYPSO, the measurement results are exported and imported into Microsoft Excel in the prefilled test report using a macro. The test report generation can now be completed.

Transfer drawing changes into measuring programs

After a drawing change, the measuring program does not have to be recreated instead, the changes can be specifically transferred to the existing ZEISS CALYPSO measuring program.


The drawing sheets with the new change status, here “B”, are loaded into the previously created project in infra CONVERT. Using the drawing comparison, the test plan is updated and transferred to AfM CE Creator in DFD format.

The test report generation in Excel is analogous to the basic description above and is therefore not shown again.


In AfM CE Creator, the ZEISS CALYPSO test plan is updated using the new test characteristic definitions and transferred back to ZEISS CALYPSO.


In ZEISS CALYPSO, it is now only necessary to link the new test characteristics to the corresponding measuring elements. The measuring program has been updated.

Synchronize measuring programs with test plans (Mapping option)

With the optional mapping function for AfM CE Creator, you can subsequently synchronize measurement programs created in ZEISS CALYPSO with externally created test plans. The pairs of characteristics are found by comparing the characteristic properties and linked to each other using the characteristic number (the characteristic number is set as a test characteristic attribute in the ZEISS CALYPSO test plan).

Further informations

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