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Set up a local license

Here's how to set up a local license for your copy of infra CONVERT.

The following describes how to make a server license available on your network.

Local licensing vs. server licensing - A license file is issued for a computer specified by the customer. The license file can map a single license (one seat) or a multiple license (two seats and more) for a specific feature set. Licenses are generally multi-user licenses (floating licenses), i.e. the license can be used without being tied to a specific location. If the license file is issued for the computer on which infra CONVERT itself is executed, it is a local license from its point of view. If computers in the network (clients) obtain licenses from this computer (server), it is a server license from their point of view.
See Installation > Server Licensing

Licensing Service - Licensing tasks are handled by ELIAS Licensing Service, a utility. A detailed description can be found in the administrator manual.
See Administrator's Manual > Installation > License service

Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions about license service are answered here: More > Frequently asked questions and answers > Why is the license server not accessible?


 • The procedure at a glance
 • Workflow
 • Error handling

The procedure at a glance

A single user license is issued for a PC workstation. It is only valid for this workstation and can not be transferred.


First install infra CONVERT on the PC. The installation file can be downloaded from the download area on our main pages.

Note There are no differences between different functionalities during the installation. Even if an installation is used as a demo version, all functions can be unlocked for them with the appropriate license.


You send the individual registration key generated for this installation together with your contact data by e-mail to your CAQ/MES system provider respectively the service of ELIAS GmbH.


The license file, which you also receive by e-mail, is finally downloaded into infra CONVERT.


Step Action Result
1 Open the License Information dialog If no valid license exists, the “License information” dialog box opens automatically after starting infra CONVERT.

Alternative In the menu bar, go to Help and click Show license.
The License Information dialog box is open:

Appearance of the dialogue up to programme version 2.4.7:
2 Request a license 1) Click the Request license via email button to generate an e-mail message.

Alternative Create an e-mail message containing the displayed registration key and your contact details (name, company, address, telephone, e-mail address).
1) In the e-mail program, which is set on the PC as a standard program / standard app, a ready-made message is opened. It contains the registration key and a list where you can enter your contact information.
2) Send the e-mail to your CAQ/MES system provider if you are purchasing infra CONVERT via this one or to if you have purchased infra CONVERT directly from us. 2) You will receive the license file within one working day.
3 Download license 1) In the “License Information” dialog box, click the Load License button (until programme version shown as ). 1) The file explorer opens.
2) Select the license file (* .lic) and click Open.

Note We recommend backing up the license file.
2) The “License Information” dialog box indicates that the license is valid:

Appearance of the dialogue up to programme version 2.4.7:

You can load a different license file at any time via the Load license button. This overwrites the previous licence.

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