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User manual infra CONVERT > Functions > Test plans

Edit test plan

This function can be used to modify the test plan title, version status and test plan description.


 • Workflow
 • Additional test plan data
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Invoke function Right-click on the test plan version to be edited in the directory tree of the Project overview and select Edit test plan () in the Context menu. The »Edit test plan version« dialog window opens.
2 Make modifications and apply Make modifications in the input mask and click on Apply. The modifications have been applied.

Additional test plan data

A set of additional data can be assigned to a test plan version. These attributes can be exported with the test plan. The attributes listed below are available by default. Not all of them can be exported to all formats. Additional, user-defined attributes can be defined in the settings.
See Settings > Settings > Administration > "Additional attributes for test plan versions" group

Read attribute texts from drawing

Right-click on an element in the drawing sheet to set texts as a test plan attribute: Copy “Text” to > Select test plan attribute. Multi-line texts are broken down into individual lines. When copying to the clipboard, multi-line text is combined.

Note The reading of texts from the drawing is available from program version 4.3.0.

Pos. Default name Export
1 Legal owner
Name of the document owner
2 Identification number
Within the organization of the legal owner clear reference to the part or product
PartNumber K1001: Part number Part number
3 Revision index
Key for identification of different versions of part/product
RevisionPart K1004: Version of the part Part amendment status
4 Date of issue
Date on which the document is issued or released for use
5 Title
Designation of the document content
Title K1002: Part name Part description
6 Supplementary title
Details of further information about the object
7 Drawing number
Within the organization of the legal owner clear reference to the document
DrawingNumber K1041: Drawing number Drawing number text
8 Revision status of drawing
Key for identifying different versions of the document
DrawingRevision K1042: Version of the drawing Drawing amendment
9 Material
Raw material, material, semi-finished product, etc., of which the object consists
10 Mass
Object weight
11 Editor
Creator of the test plan
12 Comment
Further information on the test plan
TestPlanComment K1900: CommentBemerkung Remark


You can customize this function via the following settings:

Customize test plan attributes

Customize the Test plan attributes list. Any other attributes can be added to the standard ones listed above.
See Settings > Settings > Administration > "Additional attributes for test plan versions" group

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