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Fundamental program settings can be made on the General tab of the Settings menu. Applied settings can be confirmed with OK or Apply, or discarded with Cancel.


The menu can be invoked as follows:

Menu bar

Click on Edit and then on Settings in the drop-down menu that opens. The “Settings” menu window opens. Select the General tab in the list on the left side of the window.

“Display” group

Option Function Default setting
Background color Sets the background color for the drawing area. white
Monochrome mode Switches the drawing display into the monochrome mode. All elements are then displayed in highest contrast with a color.
Display method Sets the technology for rendering in the drawing window. The DirectX renderer provides the best performance and supports all features. The GDI renderer is intended only for cases where DirectX is not available on a computer. In this compatibility mode, not all features are available and performance is limited.

Note Available from program version 4.2.5.
Graphics adapter Specifies whether to automatically use the most appropriate graphics adapter (Auto) or a specific graphics adapter.

Note Available from program version 4.2.7.
Improve image quality by antialiasing Antialiasing is used for the display in the drawing window. The level can be adjusted; the higher the value, the more accurate the display.

Note If the display on the executing system does not perform well enough, the level can be lowered or the function switched off.
Level: 16
Improve the display of images The display of raster graphics in the drawing window is improved with Mipmapping technology. This causes an increased need of RAM. If the RAM is not sufficient, Mipmapping can be deactivated with this option.

“Language” group

Option Function Default setting
Language Switches the language of the program. If the system language is not supported, English will be used instead. System language

“Project” group

Option Function Default setting
Default project folder Sets the default file path for saving projects. Default storage location of the system for documents
Default project template folder Sets the default file path for project templates. Project templates in this folder are displayed as a list in the program.

Note Available only in Pro version and from program version 3.2.0.
Default storage location of the system for documents
Allow duplicate titles to be assigned per test plan and version. Allow the combination of test plan title and test plan version to be assigned multiple times.
The test plan version number can be changed by the user. Allow the version number to be changed when creating or editing a test plan version.
Allow compare to newer and indentically named test plan versions. Allow the comparison of a drawing sheet with a drawing sheet in a identical or recent test plan version.

Note The setting was moved to the page Comparison with program version 4.2.0.
Save projects automatically. Automatically save the project at a specified time interval. If no storage location has been specified, the save dialog appears at the time of saving.
… Interval (minutes) 10
… Intervall (Minuten) 10
Create automatic backups of projects. … Save a backup copy of the project status at the set time interval. The backup files are saved in the %Temp%\ELIAS GmbH\infra-CONVERT\Projects directory and can be restored using the restore dialog.
Siehe Functions > Help > Recovery

Note Available from program version 4.4.0
… Interval (minutes) 10
… Maximum number of backups 10

“License server” group

Option Function Presetting
Host Name of the host computer from which the license is to be obtained when using the license model “multiple license”. localhost
Port Port of the license server. This should not be changed. 6781
Display users in license dialog Allow the users to be displayed in the “Licence Information” dialogue with user name and computer name who are currently occupying individual licences of a multi-user licence.

Note  The option is only visible in administrator mode. How to start the administrator mode is described under “Settings > Settings > Administration > Open”.

Note Available as of programme version 2.4.11.

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