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Load old ICP project files

With this function, you have the option to load projects created with the previous software infra - CONVERT (file extension: *.ICP) into a project in infra CONVERT. (Project files saved in infra CONVERT bear the file extension *.ICPX.)

ICP projects are linked to a drawing sheet. However, in infra CONVERT, several drawing sheets can be added to a test plan and the test plan can be versioned. As such, you can load several ICP projects into an ICPX project.

Note infra - CONVERT doesn’t save the drawing file in the project file like infra CONVERT does, instead you can expect to find the file where it was last loaded.

Imoportant Make sure that the tolerance tables used in the ICP project are also available in infra CONVERT. Tolerance tables have been loaded into infra - CONVERT as INI files (*.ini), see the “infra - CONVERT User Guide > Instructions for creating User-defined tolerances tables”. In infra CONVERT, the tolerance tables are loaded in JSON format (*.json), see “Administrator's Guide > Configuration and Import > Tolerance tables. The file name is used to find the tolerance tables, for example, “DIN-ISO-2768-1.json” corresponds to “DIN-ISO-2768-1.ini”. If you have not made any changes to the standard tolerance tables in infra - CONVERT or have not created your own tolerance tables, you do not need to follow the above note.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Create test plan version Create a test plan version.

Important In order to avoid conflicts with the characteristic numbering, you should only load ICP projects into empty test plan versions.
A test plan version has been created.
[2] [Optional]
Check the assignment of ICP IDs
Characteristic types assigned in infra - CONVERT are mapped in infra CONVERT by →categories and tags. The chracteristic types are uniquely identified by an ID (“ICP ID”). The assignment of categories and tags to ICP IDs can be viewed and edited under Edit (menu bar) > Settings > Import, see “Settings> Settings> Import”. The assignment of categories and tags to the ICP IDs is as desired.
3 Open ICP project file 1) Click on the Add drawing sheet button . 1) The file explorer will be opened.
2) Find where the ICP file is saved and open it. 2a) The stamped drawing sheet and the test characteristics will be added to the test plan version. You can then skip step 4.
2b) If the drawing file cannot be found in the stored path for the ICP file*, the file explorer will be opened again. Please follow the instructions in step 4.

* The drawing file cannot be found if the original file name or path has changed. However, it will be found immediately if it is located in the same directory as the ICP file with the correct file name.
[4] Reload drawing file The title line of the file explorer “Look for and open missing file: [<Dateiname>]” shows the file name for the drawing. Navigate to the save location of the drawing file and open it.

Note The file can be reloaded even if the name has been changed.
The stamped drawing sheet and the test characteristics will be added to the test plan version.
[5] [Optional]
Select sheet
If the drawing file is in DXF, DWG or PDF format, the “Select drawing sheet” dialog will prompt you to select the correct sheet from the file. The correct sheet is selected.
6 Continue editing You can continue to edit the loaded data and add additional ICP projects and/or drawing sheets to the test plan version, as required.


The function can be influenced via the following settings:

Assignment of categories and tags to ICP IDs

Assign categories and tags to characteristic types (identified by “ICP IDs”).
See Settings > Settings > Import

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