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Save project as template

Available from
program version 3.2.0
This function is only available in the Pro version.

This function allows you to save an open project as a template.

A project template file (*.icpt) contains the definitions for categories (), tags (), stamp templates () and classes () in addition to the project structure. Unlike a project file (*.icpx), drawing sheets and characteristics are not saved.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
[1] [Optional]
Prepare class definitions
Class definitions can only be edited in the corresponding configuration file.
See Administrator's Manual > Configuration and Import > Parameter file "CharacteristicClasses"

Erstellen Sie anschließend ein neues Projekt, um die geänderten Klassendefinitionen einzuladen.
See Functions > Projects > Create new project
2 Prepare project In the opened project, adjust the definitions for categories, labels, and stamp templates as desired (Edit (menu bar) > Project settings). Besides, title and description for project and test plan as well as test plan attributes can be customized. The project is configured as desired.
3 Create template 1) Click Save as Template… under File (menu bar). 1) The Save dialog opens and shows the default folder for project templates.
2) If necessary, navigate to an alternate location, customize the template file name, and click Save. 2) The template is saved. Any drawing sheets and characteristic data contained in the project are not saved in this. The project remains open.


You can influence this function via the following settings:

Default Project Template Folder

Change the project template folder. The template files in this folder are displayed as a list in the user interface.
See Settings > Settings > General > “Project” group

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