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Assignment of mouse keys

Depending on which program section you are currently in, the following key assignments apply.

Drawing window

Function Key
Select element Click left mouse key
Change the visible section Click middle mouse key
Zoom in view Scroll mouse wheel

Menu bar / Toolbar

Function Key
Invoke function Click left mouse key

Project list / Characteristics list

Function Key
Select element Click left mouse key
Open context menu Click right mouse key
Edit element Double-click left mouse key
Scroll through list Scroll mouse wheel

Assignment of keyboard keys and shortcuts

Function Keys / keyboard shortcuts
Create new project Control + N
Open project Control + O
Save project Control + S
Save project as Control + Shift + S
Close project Control + W
Close program Alt + F4
Select all elements Control + A
Selection tool Control + 1
Stamp tool Control + 2
Tag tool Control + 3
Define field division frame Control + 4
Move tool Control + 5
Zoom in tool Control + 6
Zoom out tool Control + 7
Dynamic zoom tool Control + 8
Area zoom tool Control + 9

Special features when selecting

The following functions apply for all windows where a selection can be made.

Function Keys / keyboard shortcuts
Select an element Left-click
Add or delete an element for selection Control + left-click
Add or delete several elements for selection Shift key + left-click
Select all Control + A

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