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We place great importance on user guidance here at infra CONVERT. We have harnessed our many years of experience to further optimize the user interface for the workflow of drawing-based test planning. Users should be able to quickly get to grips with designing user interfaces not least by following the established Microsoft guidelines even if they don't necessarily have knowledge of the CAD field.


 • Main window
 • Function window

Main window

The main window is made up of the Menu bar (1), Toolbar (2) and work area (3). The work area either displays the Start window or the Drawing window and the function windows. The program version number (4) is displayed in the upper right corner of the main window.

Function window

The function window displays the Project overview, the Characteristic overview, the display of the Characteristic properties and the Drawing comparison. They can be moved in the work area, displayed as a tab next to or in place of the drawing window, docked at the edges of the screen but also outside of the work area, e.g. shifted onto a second screen (see Window tools).

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