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Window tools

Windows are displayed asinfra CONVERT tabs in by default. They may be sorted into groups (superimposed on one another) docked at the side of the main window, and changed in size. However all windows can also be detached from the tab view and used as freely movable single windows, e.g. in order to move them from the main view to another screen.


 • Drawing windows
 • Function windows
 • Moving windows

Drawing windows

Drawing windows are displayed in a group of tabs to the left of the main window by default. The tabs can be used to switch between the windows.

The number of tabs displayed is limited by the available space. If it is not possible to display all the tabs, a list of all tabs can be displayed via the interface.

A window can be closed using the in the tab.

Function windows

Function windows are displayed in two groups to the right of the main window by default. The tabs arranged below can be used to switch between the windows.

Various functions for changing the window display can be accessed via . The window can be hidden using , but remains accessible via a tab docked at the side of the screen. The tab can be closed with .

Closed function windows can be opened again via the corresponding interfaces in the toolbar:

Moving windows

To release a window from its docking position, click on the title bar or the tab, keep the mouse key depressed and move the window to the desired position. The window can either be docked freely, e.g. on another screen, or assigned to an area in which it is to be docked as a tab with the help of the superimposed docking markings.

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