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User manual infra CONVERT > Functions > Test plans

Create test plan

A new test plan version can be created with this function.


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Invoke function Click on Create new test plan version () in the Project overview window.

See User Interface > Function Window > Project overview).
The “New test plan version” dialog window opens:
2 Specify test plan title Specify a name in the “Test plan title” field and the version status in the “Version” field.

Note Use the “Description” field so that the test plan can be identified more easily later on.
In the example, all specifications of the drawing are to be transferred to the test plan:
3 Confirm information Then click on Create new test plan (). The test plan is now displayed in the Project overview window ():


Diese Funktion können Sie über die folgenden Einstellungen beeinflussen:

Multiple assignment of title + version

Allow the combination of title and version to be awarded multiple times.
See also Settings > Settings > General > “Project” group

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