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Manually stamping

A characteristic can be →stamped by text input with this function. It is required especially if the drawing file cannot be formatted in an interpretable manner (Graphic file, see →Drawing data format). The characteristic is not automatically interpreted from a drawing entry, but from the entered text, in comparison to the Automatic stamping.

Special case: Stamp characteristics with always special class or always same class

In the case that a characteristic is to be created with a special class, which is not clear from the entered text, such as coordinates, we recommend using the Stamp with preset function.
The function can also be useful to shorten the input time. For example, if characteristics of the Diameter class are to be created several times in succession, a diameter character would always already be entered when the quick input dialog is opened.
See Functions > Characteristics > Stamp with preset


 • Workflow
 • Customization


Step Action Result
1 Open drawing sheet Open the drawing sheet that you would like to stamp. The drawing sheet is displayed in the drawing window.
2 Activate stamp tool Click on the Stamp tool button in the Toolbar . If you now move the mouse pointer into the drawing window, it will be displayed as a stamp (). At the bottom left of the drawing window, the “Stamp with” dialog box appears:
3 Check/set start value for the numbering 1) Define the start value in the window Characteristic properties.

Note The number is assigned to the first characteristic in the test plan during stamping that is stored in the settings (see Customization > Settings > Stamp) as a start value, by default “1”. Each additional stamp receives a number incremented by the set increment. The counter will be at the lowest possible value if characteristics are already present in the test plan.
The counter for the numbering in the example is set as required at “1”:
2) In the “Stamp with” dialog box, define properties that should be taken into account when stamping:
- Prefix, Suffix
- Categorie
- Tag
2) The stamp properties are correctly selected.
4 Define characteristic position Move the mouse pointer () onto the characteristic postition and double-click with the left mouse button.
The “Create new characteristic” quick entry dialog opens:

Note The figure shows the quick entry dialog as of program version 3.1.0.
Quick stamping
As an alternative to steps 4 to 6, you can create a characteristic without characteristic text if, for example, you only want to mark an item with a stamp or if you do not want to define the characteristic properties until later.
1) Move the mouse pointer to the characteristic position, press the Shift key on the keyboard, hold it down and double-click with the left mouse button. (Tip: You can also use the Caps Lock key if you want to create several characteristics.)
1) An attributive characteristic of the class “Word specification” is created.
2) The stamp is not yet anchored, but still coupled to the mouse pointer. Move the mouse pointer over the drawing surface in such a way, that the stamp is positioned and oriented as required. Then use the left mouse button to click just the once. 2) The stamp is now linked to the drawing.
5 Enter characteristic text Enter the relevant characters of the characteristic in the “Characteristic text” field using the keyboard. You can insert graphic symbols at the cursor position using the buttons below. By way of example, a characteristic of the specification elements “⌀42”, an upper deviation of “0.2” and a lower deviation of “-0.1” is applied. Click on the button and enter the text “42 +0,2 -0,1”:
Create characteristic without text
Alternatively, you can create a characteristic without characteristic text if, for example, you only want to mark an item with a stamp or if you want to define the characteristic properties later.
Leave the input field empty and click directly on Create or press the Enter key on the keyboard. An attributive characteristic of the class “Word specification” is created.
6 Create characteristic and position stamp 1) Click on Create or press the Enter key on the keyboard. 1) The characteristic is created, but the stamp is not yet positioned.
2) Move the stamp to the desired position and click the left mouse button to confirm the position.
2) The stamp is now anchored on the drawing sheet.


The function can be influenced via the following settings:

Creating characteristics

Change settings for creating characteristics.
See Settings > Settings > Characteristics

General tolerance tables

Change the underlying general tolerance tables, from which tolerance values for non-individually tolerated measurements are applied.
See Settings > Project settings > Tolerance tables

Stamp settings

Change underlying settings for stamp.
See Settings > Settings > Stamp

Stamp templates

Change the graphical display of the stamp.
See Settings > Project settings > Stamp templates

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